Stooge Larry’s "Wise Guy" Synthesizer page

Welcome to Wise Guy Synth. Why "wise guy" synth? Because I am one of the
self-proclaimed "Stooges" who frequent the MOTM synth list. This site is dedicated
to the construction and use of modular synthesizers (and some other cool synth
stuff). You will find information about Synthesis Technology MOTM (modular of the
millennium) modules and some great DIY (do it yourself) stuff. Take a look around
and drop me some mail at
Larry Hendry.

MOTM Stuff
MOTM modules
MOTM conversions
MOTM modifications
MOTM cables
SKB backs
SKB power - new!
PCB brackets
MOTM flat rails
MOTM rail end caps
Stooge panels
MOTM user’s corner
MOTM music
VISIO template

DIY and Synth
Wood cabinets
Cabinet kits
My projects
Great Links
Oakley Parts
Cat Girl Synth Parts Schematics
Guitar Synth
Korg DSS & DSM
PAiA vocoder
Payment options
Paypal issues
Akai S-612 sampler

Nonsense and Misc
Day gig – Video
NAMM – 2003
Ribbon controller project
Analog Heaven photos
The Stooge
The "Other" Stooge
OT: Stooge Recreation
Stooge Gear History
Frankenstein Switch
OT: My Camera
Beat & Hz Conversion tables

Last updated 8/18/2005