The PAiA Vocoder

If you are like many electronic music enthusiasts, you may love the sound of a synth
and vocoder. I know I do. But, truthfully, how often do I really use one? Not often. So,
for me, I could not justify having a lot of money tied up in a vocoder. Therefore, I
decided to give the PAiA vocoder a try. It was the perfect balance between price and
the functionality I desired. I did make the PAiA recommended Scott Lee modifications
to the original design. In my opinion, the modification is a nice improvement. For under
$200, I just don’t think you can do any better than the PAiA vocoder.

John Simonton has some vocoder samples at the PAiA website. John contracted me
to produce those samples for him. However, he did scrunch up the bandwidth and bit
resolution quite a bit. With all the other stuff he needs to have on his website, space for
vocoder samples was limited. Therefore, I have included many of the original
bandwidth samples here for your listening pleasure. Click on the text below. I am also
including a page with information about the equipment used to make the samples and
some tips on how to get the most from your PAiA vocoder.

PAiA vocoder sound bites – WAV format

PAiA vocoder sound bites – MP3 format

Here is a page with Vocoder
tips - Under construction

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